MUJA Mini Game Controller

Product Description

MUJA Mini Game Controller(Design)

MUJA Mini Game Controller has new design, popular curvature, unique structural design, powerful suction cup

MUJA Mini Game Controller

  • Small and portable, only 24.5g

  • Erogonomic design and better grip feel

  • Tensile structure, fit phone width between 70.5mm and 83mm

  • Inside sponge pad prevents cell phone from scratching

MUJA Mini Product main performance

  • Bluetooth Version: 4.2

  • Size:87.36*26.2*38.81mm 

  • Support system:ios/ Android

  • Battery Capacity:90mAh

  • Charging Duration:2h

  • Working Current:<10mAh

  • Standby time:24h

  • Weight:24.5g

MUJA Mini Game Controller(LED)

MUJA Mini Game Controller has Red and blue two-color adjustment, breathing flicker, cool feeling


  • Turn on:  Slide up the switch, Blue LED flashes

  • Connection Succeed: Connected and Blue LED hold 2 seconds and off

  • Connection failed: Blue LED flash 60 seconds and off

  • Turn off: Slide down the switch and Blue LED flash

  • Battery Low: If battery is lower than 20%, Blue LED quick flash twice and recycle every 0.5 seconds

  • Charging: Blue LED flashes

  • Charge complete: Blue LED long bright