MUJA Pro Gamepad

Product Description

New upgraded version of Muja , built-in 5000mAh power bank,

charging while playing

Innovative touch gamepad, dual screen operation, cooler position

Six-finger linkage, the key position is determined by you, 

and you can set the shooting, mirroring, sprinting, 

and jumping keys according to personal preferences.

High-precision patented touch technology, 

Bluetooth one-click connection

MUJA Pro Gamepad(Design)

MUJA Pro Gamepad has new design, popular curvature, unique structural design, powerful suction cup

MUJA Pro Gamepad

Assisted Shooting, Witness Extreme Anti-Kill

1、Just press and hold the magicMUJA Pro one button to assist manual shooting, control the focus within a small range, and strike the enemy with precision

2、In the MUJA+ Assistant APP, players can upload their own proud configuration, and other players can download and use (ios)

3、Click on the touch area, each touch has micro-vibration touch feedback, more realistic game experience,

4、You can also turn off the vibration function of a key in the APP.

Introduced the MUJA Pro series matching handle, ergonomic grip design,more comfortable operation, not tired after playing

Connect directly to native games and play the latest version

Reject peripheral mode, only match ordinary players

MUJA Pro Gamepad(LED)

MUJA Pro Gamepad has Red and blue two-color adjustment, breathing flicker, cool feeling

LED light intelligent reminding work status


Press the on / off button, the blue light flashes slowly, waiting for the connection status


The connection is successful, the blue light is always on for 2 seconds, and it is off.

Not connected successfully, blue light flashes slowly

Shut down: 

Press and hold the On / Off button for more than 3 seconds, the blue light blinks twice and then turns off.


When the power is below 20%, the red light is always on

When the power is less than 10%, the red light flashes quickly

Red light flashes slowly while charging

When charging is complete, the white light is always on. After unplugging the charging cable, the white light is off.