Company Background

When we found that the two fingers were not enough to operate the increasingly large screens and complex mobile games, HandScape bring the World a new generation smart touchpad which could not only be used as gamepad but also an useful interaction experience for your life use. 

As the screens of handheld computerized devices become larger and larger, nowadays single-handed operation of mobile phones has become a hard problem. In addition, for relatively complex smartphone games and app, two thumb operation on the front screen has limited the game operation, decrease the game experience, reduce the game fun.

At this background, we began to work on the development of the five-finger touch sensor technology. After three years in the Silicon Valley of the United States, nearly hundreds of trials, changing the chip, hundreds of times to rebuilt the circuit board, update the software algorithm, we bring the World's first smart touchpad to reality

Project Background

HandScape has developed the smart phone case HandyCase and smart touchpad MUJA. It has 32 international patents, all kinds of certification. The smart case is a brand new concept. It relies on Bluetooth and mobile phone wireless connection, with touch film. It feels the finger movement, process the data with algorithm and then sent to the mobile phone through Bluetooth. Finally combined with a patented software algorithm to achieve the control behind the phone.

Company Goal

Our goal is to give the world's first useful and interesting smart touch case, giving gamers a new gaming experience, changing the traditional mobile phone interaction, allowing people to enjoy the fun of technology, and realizing user customization through touch technology. Our goal is to 'Play Cool and Stay Cool'.